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Smokey Habanero

A deliciously hot blend of slow smoked habanero peppers, tomato, garlic and onion. Sure to light your mouth on fire while still pleasing your taste buds!

Hawaiian Death Punch

This is not the sugary fruit punch you remember from your childhood! Real pineapple blended with death spiral peppers make this sweet sauce DEADLY HOT!


Garlic Hot

The name says it all! Loads of garlic and heat from jalapeno, ghost, cayenne, chili and habanero. It's the perfect wing sauce for the hot garlic lover!


Sweet Heat

An array of sweet flavors from apple and pear juices, honey and agave nectar. Then a smack of heat from the jalapeno and serrano peppers!



If steakhouses put hot sauce on the table this should be the only one! This unique blend of smoked peppers and garlic make this the perfect sauce for steak or pork chops.


Roasted Garlic

For those who want a little kick and lots of flavor this is the sauce for you! Roasted garlic blended with jalapeño and serrano peppers. It's a match made in heaven!


Pepper Butter

Okay it not a hot sauce. But it is the best damn condiment for just about everything! It's the mildly hot and very sweet spread your sandwich is begging for!


Haunted PEACH

Wonderfully sweat peach flavor from real peaches with a hint of ghost pepper. Great on chicken or shrimp! If you love peaches you will love this sauce!


Haunted Strawberry

A delicious blend of real strawberries and a touch of ghost pepper. If you're looking for a sweat sauce with a little kick to it look no further!


Honey Apple Habanero

Honeycrisp apple juice, real honey and habanero peppers make this the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Great for dipping chicken nuggets!


BBQ Death Spiral

Ever wanted a BBQ sauce that tasted delicious but was OBSCENELY HOT? The smoked death spiral peppers make this the hottest BBQ sauce you can't stop eating!








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